Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The beginning of another educational year, a new session brings with it, tons of aspirations, optimism, hopes, and dreams. Children look to another year sporting smart new uniforms thereby setting the trend to make the new education year a memorable one. To ensure the same, parents with their children look for uniforms as well as accessories options to make sure that the right uniform with requisite accessories that is as comfortable to wear as sitting in the classroom as it is in the playground, is available that will last through the new education year.

When it comes to uniform and accessories in Dubai, Threads is a name that is spoken of with respect and appreciation. Not only does Threads offer a broad collection of the finest of uniforms and accessories, but also offers the right variety that will meet the educational institution’s dress code without cramping their style.

Threads is an established name, known for supplying high-class refined education apparel items. When first started in 2010, it began to cater solely to the needs of those studying in educational institutions but gradually extended its reach to healthcare, aviation, and hospitality sectors.

For great-looking, durable and affordable uniform and accessories for both boys and girls, Threads is the right choice in every way.

What makes threads the Best Place :

Here are some facts that make Threads the best place to buy uniforms and accessories:

  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY: The latest technology is leveraged at Threads to not only ensure that the manufacturing operations is efficient and productive, but also that the uniforms and accessories are of the finest quality of the best international standards that reflect the latest market trends.
  • DIVERSE COLLECTION WITH CHOICES: Threads offers a broad array of uniforms and accessories in varied choices that reflect not only the aspirations and tastes of the customers but also carries the colours of most of the schools in and around Dubai.
  • TOP QUALITY & DURABILITY: The uniforms and accessories undergo the most stringent quality and durability tests to ensure that they meet the most demanding of situations and climatic conditions. Top of it, they are made by sophisticated infrastructure at Threads state-of-the-art manufacturing plant manned by skilled professionals.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: The materials (fabric & trims) that make up the uniform and accessories are sourced from the best of global suppliers which confirm to not only client’s specific requirements, but also to the demanding international quality norms.
  • PRODUCT GUARANTEE: All of the uniforms and accessories are quality tested for tear strength, color fastening and shrinking. This sums up the product guarantee that meets the highest of international standards. With proper care, the uniforms and accessories can last for a long time while staying durable.
  • EFFECTIVE ONLINE STORE: A customer-friendly online store allows Threads to provide high-quality uniforms and accessories to customers thereby making their shopping sojourn comfortable and hassle-free without stepping out of their place. All that the customers need to do is to place their order at Threads website and have the delivery done at their place at a time convenient to them. Delivery is made within one week of the order subject to the ordered products availability.
  • REASONABLE PRICES: All of the uniforms and accessories are not only of the finest quality but are also made available at the most reasonable prices.

Best Shopping Offers in Dubai :

Threads in Dubai provides for excellent Threads offers in Dubai in the form of a full range of uniforms and accessories in a wide range of styles for all ages and in most educational institutions colors and sizes.

The uniform and accessories collection includes uniform shirts in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved choices, pullovers, comprising of skirts, pants, shirts, etc. There is also a good collection for little ones who are just getting into the new world of school education, in the form of high-class toddler uniforms. Each Threads product is durable as well as easy-to-clean, making them a worthy choice that is pure value for money.

For proper insight into the uniforms and accessories provided by Threads, customers are best advised to look up the Uniform Guide website that will assist them in choosing the best and right combination for their child. If they’re looking to buy uniforms and accessories, they better make sure that the order is placed at Threads website well in advance to have the delivery done at their place on time.

Threads in line with its commitment towards customer’s requirements remain committed to providing the best of quality shopping experience for uniforms and accessories at all times always at customer’s convenience.

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