Wednesday, September 21, 2016


A growing number of people today lead transitional lifestyle moving from place to place, often at short notice. In lieu of this trend, there was a growing need for furniture pieces that are portable and flexible as well as hassle-free and inexpensive to transport.

Portable furniture brought with its arrival, a furniture that is flexible, so much that they could be assembled and disassembled in as a little as five minutes, even by a complete novice, all without the need for tools or training of any kind. What more, they could be even carried in carry bags. No wonder they quickly became the most wanted things today.

They come in a variety of attractive finishes and styles that are not only practical for a home either as an exhibitor usage, but also make for something that is easy to store and transport.


With its growing popularity with each passing day, many often wonder as to what makes them the most wanted thing.

Here are some factors that tell you why it is so. They:

  • Are not only just easy to move around but are also fully functional that are ideal for compact homes. Further, they are also easy to assemble or collapse when they’re not in use or carry around.
  • Make it possible to have replaced only the damaged components, something that is a lot less costly than having an entire sofa sectional replaced.
  • Are designed with removable cushion seating surfaces that allow you to have them replaced at a lower replacement cost as and when they tear and wear. This way, they are economical to maintain as well.
  • Offer more choices in décor for either an event or home use. With 2 or 4 component combinations like arm/base or right chaise/corner/extension/left chaise, they allow you to create a variety of unique sofa-like sectionals or chaises or couches. No wonder, their immense versatility has made them ideal for any kind of event, a worthy substitute for different kind of furniture pieces.
  • Help save money on warehouse storage and delivery. This is possible as they comprise of several components that can be easily disassembled and packed tightly into a delivery truck or storage space. Further, they are also easy to assemble and disassemble which helps cut down setup and breakdown time as well.
  • Are usually light in weight and are far cheaper investments since they are built using lighter and cheaper materials when compared to fixed furniture that is sturdier and heavier.

In addition to the above, you can also enhance the efficiency of your portable furniture by having them installed over a fixed structure which will make them more solid and stable.

So if you have to choose between portable and fixed furniture, go for portable furniture as it’s a better option for they save ample space as well as money when not in use or won’t be using for a long period of time. For portable furniture shopping, make Marina Furniture Store Dubai your choice for it has some of the finest portable furniture pieces in the world.


With its healthy reputation and excellent collection of portable furniture items, Marina Home Furniture Dubai is an ideal choice for portable furniture of every furniture category. The range of stylish portable furniture pieces at Marina is designed specifically to cater to customer’s taste and they come in varied choices and styles to meet every kind of requirement.
Light and easy to transport, they are quick and simple to assemble and most importantly they will look right at home in your space –whetherit'ss an independent home or an apartment flat or a sprawling estate. In short, they are great value for money that combine great design, quality, and fun with a focus on making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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