Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What are the app development services in AppExchange?

Yes, certainly it was a great idea to create a marketplace for the business applications. The salesforce app exchange had done a wonderful job by making it possible. No one can deny that it has become the world’s largest and most wanted marketplace and it gave the app developers an opportunity to enhance their skills and make the technical world an easy place to survive. It is already pre-integrated with Salesforce and gives everything from ERP to sales to service and every industry under on the earth.

If you are a business person you certainly will know that it is a proven ecosystem of each and every app you create and with millions of installs as well as customer reviews. It will help you to find the best app which is the best match for your business.

Mostly all the salesforce consulting services will provide AppExchange Development Services for developing the applications which can be deployed on the App marketplace which is nothing but the ‘AppExchange’. They also will have extensive expertise on Salesforce knowledge in order to develop the applications that can be deployed on the Appexchange.

Any independent software vendor can place the request with the salesforce app exchange App planning. They can request anything and everything right from choosing the app to building it. No matter whether it is a hybrid app or a native app, the app developers will plan the complete life-cycle of the Appexchange app development.

Any AppExchange development services include the follows:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Packaging
  • Custom Connector
  • Development of Adapter
  • Product migration to
What do you think the reasons for the success of AppExchange as well as underhyped?

  • Which corporate or business app marketplace allows you to access thousands and thousands of user reviews, let you see the number of downloads as well as let you install an enterprise app in minutes? There it goes no need of explanation! It sets the example of how the consumerization of enterprise IT should be!!
  • The old way of buying enterprise application is a cloak and dagger approach software and it seems incredibly secretive a by comparison.

Plug and Play:
  • Apps that are built natively on the Salesforce Platform will be able to share common components with other native apps.
  • Wherein, the other cloud platforms might just share some common tools underneath.
  • In AppExchange, the master file data management is a non-issue for all the native apps and it is a super simple environment for users.

Salesforce is more like a shopping app. The clean organization and structure of the AppExchange make it simple to find and qualify the apps. It also lets us find whether they will fit into your business or not. It is a fantasyland for the start-ups. Imagine of being a start-up today and you are literally running your entire business on one platform since they hired the right salesforce consulting services! It is pretty sure that there are plenty of companies out there saying this with regret, ‘if we get a chance to do it all over again’

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